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Ashley Avenue

Is a large property located in Cheriton, Folkestone. The property is within close proximity to the local beaches, as well a number of beautiful nature walks. There are also good transport links to Ashford and Canterbury.

The service offers 24 hours care and support to the individuals that reside there. The property has been designed to provide separate living spaces, to effectively meet the needs of the people. Both living areas consist of a lounge, bedroom, bathroom and spare room.

Downers Court

Downer Court consists of two bungalows side by side each other in Rochester.

Three people reside at Downer Court, all have a formal diagnosis of autism, communication difficulties and other health related issues. One bungalow was commissioned as a bespoke single person service.  There are times when the people may engage in behaviours of concern. In order to meet the needs of the people effectively both bungalows provide 24 hours support.

Both properties have a large lounge area, large bedroom spaces, bathroom, kitchen with a robust specification throughout.

The staff team at Downer Court work hard to provide a homely service, which enables the people to flourish and develop, providing opportunities for them to learn new skills.

Jersey Road

Jersey Road is a four-bedroom town house, located in the Stood area of Rochester. The house is spacious, has a large lounge dining area, kitchen with en-suite facilities in 2 rooms

The Individuals who reside at Jersey Road are more mature in age and have dual diagnosis a learning disability and mental health conditions. Each person accesses support from the local MHLD team to further support the service. We have successfully supported their transitions from lengthy hospital placements to a community placement.

Each person is involved with the organising of their weekly schedule, contributing to the development of their personal file where possible. The dedicated team provide support 24 hours per day, they work hard with individuals to obtain their goals using a person-centred approach which in turn improves the persons self-esteem and wellbeing.


Seabrook is located in the seaside town of Hythe, and approximately a 10 minutes’ walk to the beach. Seabrook consists of two adjoined semi-detached houses.

The services are divided into female and male. The female service can support up to four females, all the ladies that currently reside there are diagnosed with a personality disorder and mild learning disabilities. The male side supports up to four males, each of the males are diagnosed with autism along with mental health related conditions. There are occasions when they may engage in behaviours that challenge. The service work collaboratively with the local MHLD team and commissioners to ensure the maintenance of placements. The staff team, work within a low arousal framework with a focus on wellbeing and trauma awareness.

School Lane

School Lane is a three bedded bungalow located in Iwade, Sittingbourne. The service is ideally located within walking distance to the local convenience stores, which provides an ideal opportunity to the people living in the service to practice their independence skills and access the local community.

The people who reside at School Lane, take pride in their home, and tend to the garden as well as maintaining the helping fixtures and fittings. Each person has their own bedroom decorated with their personal belongings.

The service itself provides 24-hour support, the three people residing in the service each have a learning disability, along with associated mental health conditions. The people at School Lane are able to contribute to their own care plans, risk assessments and medication where appropriate and are able to articulate their needs verbally.

6 & 6a Sheerstone

6a Sheerstone is a single service specifically for a young autistic man. The service provides a bespoke personalised package built around this young man. The house has been designed with the individual in mind, with the support of his family. Modification have been made to the house to meet his needs.

The staff team provide 2-1 support 24 hours per day, they are committed to supporting the person to have a fun fulfilled life, including a wide range of activities in the community, as well as developing his daily living skills.

6 Sheerstone, is a supported living service, again located in village of Iwade. The service provides support to an individual who requires 1-1 support, 24 hours per day. Staff provide support to maintain positive relations with the local community and support the individual to participate in a wide range of activities, both in house and in the community.

Rose House

Rose House situated in Iwade, Sittingbourne, accommodates up to 4 individuals. The service provides support for individuals with autism and a learning disabilities that may present with behaviours of concern. Rose House is a large detached property that provides each individual with their own room with en-suite facilities. There is also a large, shared kitchen, lounge and conservatory. Rose House, is our newest service providing support to individuals to access the community and achieve positive outcomes.

1 The Street

1 The Street is located in the village of Iwade, Sittingbourne. Iwade has good transport links, shopping parade, local pharmacy and is in close proximity to CLBD’s other services in the area.

The service is a single person service which has been modified to meet the needs of the individual living there. The living area is open plan with a second lounge area, bathroom, and bedroom. The service worked collaboratively with the family to ensure the smooth transition from college to an adult placement.

The Street, provides 24-hour support to an individual. The staff work within a wellbeing, low arousal framework, to ensure that they are enabling the person to live a flourishing life, whilst gaining a more independent lifestyle as they transition from college to an adult placement. 

St Williams Way

St Williams, located in Rochester, is a service providing 24-hour support to 2 individuals. The staff team at St Williams deliver dedicated support to meet the individuals complex care needs. Staff support is based upon a low arousal approach which has help to reduce occurrences of behaviours of concern. The service works in close partnership with the individuals’  families.

Staff working at St Williams, encourage and support the individuals to be active on a daily basis whilst. also supporting them to maintain long term placements within a homely environment.

19 Sheerstone

19 Sheerstone

19 Sheerstone is a single person service located in the village of Iwade, Sittingbourne.

The service adds to the hub of houses in the area. This allows for support to be distributed across the area, with services being able to match skills to the individuals they support.

19 Sheerstone comprises a large lounge dining area, a generous kitchen and separate utility room. The service also has a good-sized bedroom, office space and substantial garden. The property also benefits from easy off-road access to property.

Support is provided 24-hours a day to the individual residing here. As with all CLBD services, 19 Sheerstone has a homely and comfortable feel. Safety is a priority in our properties as our individuals want to be as secure in their home as we would in ours

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