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Who we support

Who we support

We support people with Learning Disabilities who may also have Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) and other disabilities.

  • Individuals with mental health conditions
  • We specialise in supporting people who sometimes engage in behaviours that other environments may find difficult to support
  • We provide support to people living in their own homes under our supported living services.

The following elements provide the foundations to the support we provide:

  • Low Arousal Approaches
  • Studio 3 Managing Signs of stress
  • Wellbeing and Trauma awareness
  • Practice Leadership



Within CLBD we place an implicit focus upon stress management and wellbeing incorporating a trauma aware approach.
An awareness of these elements is the foundation of the support provided within CLBD:


Recent attention, studies and research acknowledges that people with learning disabilities, autistic developmental disorders and other complex needs, are a social group within society that are more likely to have experienced stress leading to trauma and trauma associated conditions; Trauma stress, post-traumatic stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Complex PTSD.

Equally accepted and acknowledged, is that a trauma aware approach that seeks to consider the life experiences that the individual may have had leading to possible trauma may be helpful in avoiding re traumatisation. We use these life experiences to inform our practice and tailor our approaches to the person. For some individuals trauma focussed therapies may be considered in the persons best- interests. In which instances referrals are made to the appropriate teams.

In addition, CLBD incorporates an individualised Trauma Awareness Profile (TAP). This serves as a simple, easy to read ‘grab-sheet’ at the service level and is incorporated along with other information as part of CLBD’s multi-component approach to supporting people.

Trauma Awareness Training is provided to staff across CLBD. This training is provided at the generic level but is also provided at a bespoke person-centred training level for individuals within our services.


CLBD places focus, perhaps above anything else, on a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. This focus is not just on individuals receiving services, but staff also. We are all in this together!

Wellbeing is now widely accepted and acknowledged to be significant for a person to enjoy and have a flourishing life. Wellbeing is relevant to all human beings.

As part of the multi-component approach CLBD adopts the PERMA-H Wellbeing Model:

Positive Emotions

That good feeling factor. That ‘life is good’ feeling.


What someone likes to do. Especially activities that enable the person to be absorbed and lose track of time (Flow).


What relationships are important for the person.


What provides purpose and meaning to an individual’s life.


What does the person want to achieve and work towards


Activity/exercise, healthy eating, sleep and primary physical health

Each individual is provided with a PERMA-H profile and this serves as a simple, easy to read guide at service level to allow staff to support individuals to have a flourishing lives and overcome barriers.

At CLBD we have introduced a Mindfulness Based Strengths Programme within the organisation. All individuals within CLBD are required to undertake a short survey available from The VIA Institute and discover their Character Strengths. Put simply, character strengths are the building blocks of who you are and your personality. These character strengths provide a unique character profile. Bringing an awareness to these character strengths improves opportunities to flourish and allows us as an organisation to have a better understanding of all individuals and their unique profiles.

  • They are always proactive in their approaches, they listen to the people they support and try and support the individual to develop.

  • CLBD provide robust positive behaviour approach to the delivery of care. The residents I have met at reviews have stated they appear very happy and well supported by the staff team to regain stability in their health and wellbeing and improve independent ability. The views of the families of our client group have also been very positive of their experience of CLBD.


  • I have a great deal of confidence in their ability to provide a high quality service to people with quite complex needs. They provide excellent training to their staff and have very good ethics. I would also comment that they understand Positive Behavioural Support and do it properly.


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