Mental Illness

Our mental health services focus on supporting service users to maintain their mental wellbeing, whilst strengthening their independent living skills. We look at each persons individual ability and support them to maximise their own potential. The main outcome for our service users is a sustainable and meaningful role in the community. 

Our services are located in residential areas with good local amenities. There are various opportunities for service users to develop new skills; accessing local colleges and voluntary positions in the community. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the daily running of the household and have allocated roles within the service.

Our services have small bed numbers and have spacious communal areas and gardens. We have worked hard to maintain a homely atmosphere in which service users can feel safe and supported.

Some individuals may require outside professionals to administer medication on a fortnightly/monthly basis which our local mental health teams are happy to come to our services. We can also support individuals to access depot clinics or therapeutic clinics held by local Mental Health Services.

Our Specialisms

Learning Disabilities
Challenging Behaviour
Autism and Aspergers Syndrome
Mental Illness
Personality Disorder